Should I date a colleague?


Recently, I got close with one of my colleague. We hang out for dinner frequently and hit off. He hinted that he want us to be exclusive. I do feel attracted to him but should I date a colleague?

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Thank you for your question! We understand the struggle that you are going through, as dating a colleague is a different ball game altogether, with possible complications like conflict of interests at work, being the subject of gossip among other colleagues and the dreaded consequences to face if the relationship did not work out.

Firstly, it will be helpful to find out more on the company’s human resource policy first, especially if both of your roles would have direct conflict of interests at work i.e Superior/Subordinate relationship. You or the other party may have to consider switching departments/teams in order to mitigate this risk or if it is a HR requirement.

After getting the “go-ahead” from the HR side, both of you would also have to understand and communicate with each other on the challenges that both of you would face, especially at the work front.

There is no right or wrong in dating your colleague, but we would encourage you to give it a shot as long as both of you are confident in overcoming all the possible challenges, and also have a common understanding that it should not affect the work performance regardless of whether the relationship works out or not.

All the best!