Does smoking affect my chances with dating ladies?


Hi, I am a smoker for many years. I found that usually when ladies know I am a smoker, they tend to back off and not continue dating me anymore. Does it really matter?

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Hi Curious

Thank you for your question. We cannot say for all ladies out there, but some of the ladies may mind that you have a habit of smoking if they themselves are not smokers. Perhaps if you really want to pursue the relationship further, it helps to maintain an open communication with the lady, and ask if she minds your smoking habit. She may find you thoughtful to consider about her feelings, and may open up to you about her concerns with you smoking. Once you are aware of her thoughts towards your smoking habit, you can then consider if you would like to cut down or leave the habit totally. Sometimes, by showing that you sincerely care about her feelings towards your smoking habit and make it a point to change because of her, she may be touched by your gesture and be willing to give you a try. Good luck!

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