How do I get ladies to notice me at events?


Hi Dr Love, I am a 34 years old male who has been attending dating events for a while. However the ladies do not seem to notice or talk to me much. Why is this so?

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Hey there, we’re glad you asked! There could be a few reasons why this is happening and here’s why:

  1. Dressing – How are you dressed when you go to these events? We are not saying suit and ties to be presentable but its about dressing smart and appropriately for the correct occasion. Not sure on what style to wear? The safest bet is always smart casual (unless you’re talking about outdoor sports events). Remember, first impression counts and dress well for a lady to take notice of you!
  1. Introduction – How do you introduce yourself at events? Do you just smile and say your name or do you do the handshake? Go with the second option and extend it to the ladies first. Make sure its a firm and friendly handshake and don’t forget to say your name clearly. Offer to help her with her chair or call the waiter to take her order. Such gentlemanly moves will help her remember you cuz you just left an impression.
  2. Behaviour – Are you always waiting for someone at the table to start a conversation? Don’t be the one waiting, be the proactive one who starts it. You don’t have to think so hard on what to talk about and just be casual and let the conversation flow by itself. A quiet guy is not gonna attract much attention as compared to someone who is charismatic.

Try these tips out and maybe you’ll have some good news for us soon! Best of luck!

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