How to make a guy commit?


I have been dating a guy for 2 months and we have been meeting up every week. However it seems that we are more like friends. But i do like him. How do i make him commit to me?

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Hi Natalie,

Thanks for writing in. To answer your question, you might need to ask yourself if you want a relationship when the guy is made to commit to you instead of wanting to commit to you?
Perhaps you should ask yourself,” Why the guy didn’t want to commit to you?
It could be because…
– He didn’t know you enough after all the meet-ups;
– He haven’t made up his mind
– He haven’t find the right window to tell you
– You didn’t show much interest that you like him
– You sent the wrong “signal” that you just want to be friends with him.
Meeting up for dinner, movie etc without deep conversation and sharing is just like a normal social friends gathering. Your meet-ups should not just be about romance, fun and laughter but it should includes being there for each other during bad times. If he is going out with you because of boredom, he is simply just looking for friendship.

However, if he starts to listen to you when you are being serious, it means he wants to be there for you. When he is emotionally attached to you, he wants to be more than friends with you. When that happens, he will commit to you without you doing anything.

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