Should a lady contact a guy first?


I just went out on a first date with a guy 3 days ago, and everything went well. However I have not heard from him since that day. Should I contact him first?

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Hi! We are glad to hear that your first date went well! It is generally considered a social norm for the guys to make the first move, so your worry is understandable. Having no contact does not imply that your date is no longer interested in you, as he could just be a little caught up with work recently, or wondering the exact same thing as you Рif and how he should contact you first! Since the date went well and you have enjoyed his company, we would encourage you to drop him a text message first by simply asking him how his week went, or casually bringing up some of the topics/interests that were shared during the date previously.

For the guys out there who are also contemplating on hitting the send button, hesitate no more! Let the lady know that you have enjoyed her company after the date, and take the initiative to suggest a second date.

Sometimes, a little courage and a simple text message is all it takes.