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While it may not be a serious gauge of character, it has provided an insight for many. Have fun!


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1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender?
3.  Choose your current relationship status?
4. What do you look for in a partner?
5. What is your preferred mode of receiving love?
6. When do you think you want to settle down?
7. In a month, how many surprise dates do you go for?
8. What is your most desirable first date?
9. Where do you usually meet new people?
10. What horoscope signs do you often find yourself dating?
11. How much effort do you put into choosing your outfit?
12. How long does it take to heal from a breakup?
13. The kind of surprises I like generally?
14. What kind of travel holiday do I want?
15. What do you usually do to show your love and concern for the person?
16. Which one is an instant relationship breakup factor for you?
17. Which is the one flaw you cannot accept?
18. What do you do if your date wore the wrong attire?
19. Your date is late by 45 minutes, what do you do?
20. What’s your reaction if an ex shows up at your date?
21. A person is hitting on your date, what do you do?
22. Which of these movies would the two of you watch on a rainy night?
23. Which of these genres of music do you usually listen to?

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