How Does Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating doesn’t sound romantic but can be a highly efficient way to meet prospective partners. In Singapore, it started off in the late 1990s as a casual way for singles to meet, without the commitment (and sometimes awkwardness) of a full first date. This means that in the time spent on a conventional date, you may see dozens of potential dates at a speed dating event.

What is speed dating?

Speed dating is all about efficiency. The event is carried out in a way that allows you to meet as many people as possible within that session. You are only given minutes to make an impression on and also to form impressions of the participants you interact with. If it all goes well, you’ll get to meet the other party (or parties, you gorgeous thing) again.

How does it work?

Although there are slight variations in venues, formats and duration of interaction, almost all speed dating events revolve around the idea of rotation, that is each individual moves systematically from one participant to another.

First contact

Usually, the ladies will take their place and stay put for the entire event, while the men will rotate at fixed intervals, usually between 3-8 minutes. There are no restrictions on what you can talk about during the interaction, but basic etiquette still applies, so remember to be nice.

First impression

After each interaction, each participant will fill up a scorecard. You’ll rate your counterpart and the interaction based on a few factors listed on the card. This card helps you to keep track on what you think about the other party. If you’re really attracted at first sight, you may even try exchanging contacts.

First date

If you’re more conservative and would like to go through all the potential singles before deciding who you’d like to keep in contact with, you may review your scorecard after the event and then approach your top candidates and get their digits. The organisers may also help you request for their contact details if you’re too shy to do so. There are no guarantees, but if there’s a mutual exchange of numbers, chances are good that it will lead to a first date.

The speed dating advantage

The advantages of an organised speed dating boil down to certainty. You can be sure that people are going to turn up, what you see is what you get, and the time is fixed and limited.

Meeting face-to-face

No more guessing if the charming smile belongs to the person you’re chatting with on Tinder. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to observe their body language and tone, as well as infer other character traits based on the other party’s appearance and behaviour. You’ll be able to work out the attraction and chemistry quickly without much guesswork.

It’s just 3-8 minutes

If you don’t like someone, you’re not stuck for hours, not even for the entire duration of a meal or drink. Depending on the duration that the organisers fix, once the bell rings, you’ll be moving on.

You’re not alone

There are tens of people at the same place, doing the same thing at the same time. 

Meet lots of people

Within a short period of time, you get to interact with many eligible singles, without the worry that you’re barking up the wrong tree. You can almost be sure that everyone’s there to find love. 

Speed dating reality check

Some of the advantages of speed dating may work against you, such as potentially bumping into someone you know in the sea of people, having too little time to interact with someone who has swept you off your feet and facing many rejections.

Therefore, being able to move on and not take rejections personally becomes important in the process of speed dating, because who knows, the next one may be the one for you.

Is speed dating for me?

Here are some signs that speed dating is suitable for you.

  • You don’t know what a date means, but want to fall in love.
  • You kind of forgot how daytime looks like, and want to reclaim some of your life, especially romance.
  • You’ve downloaded every dating app and swiped left and right till you’re seeing the same people again, but still have not found The One.
  • You hate texting and just want to hang out and have a good chat with prospective dates.
  • You want to meet as many people in the least amount of time as possible.

Speed dating can be a quick, efficient way to meet potential dates, but the process can leave you rejected, jaded and feeling objectified. If that’s the case, you can consider some of our SDN dating events that allow you more time to get to know the other party better, while enjoying the process and activities planned for you. Alternatively, if you like to try out our matchmaking services, please contact us for a professional consultation.

Photos by from Pexels