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I won't be the first to tell you, but I have tried almost all the dating apps available out there without much luck.  Well, it might sound a little old school, but it helps to hear a different way of seeing things - and that's what I got from Fabrique. I'm now happily making some headway with my "Ms Fabrique"! 

Mr Fabrique K.Z, 36yrs (Singaporean)

I was sort of stuck in the past, and life held little meaning other than working, eating and dreading the annual IPPT.  A close friend of mine told me to get off my a** and gave me a link to sign up for Fabrique's dating consult. I headed down to their office which was surprisingly impressive, and it felt more like a conversation with me rather than a sales pitch.  I didn't sign on to anything at first, but chose to attend their "Dr Love" workshop.  The session really got me thinking about the changes I needed for myself and what I wanted romantically.  From then on, the Fabrique team really supported me and after a few weeks, I went on my date with "Ms Fabrique" , without getting ghosted or friend-zoned again! 

Mr Fabrique W.H, 33yrs (Singapore PR)

I decided to look for an accredited dating agency after unsuccessfully using several dating apps to find a guy who at least had some sort of life goal. Fabrique Love appeared in my search, I headed down their office and really spoke at length with their consultant to have a better understanding on their dating process - and I can be very long winded.  Their patience with me was striking and even though I only signed up for their basic membership, they still called me in August to participate in their trial version of Love Board. After 2 months, I met my current boyfriend (Mr Fabrique H.B) and I'm really thankful for that. 

Ms Fabrique L.L, 30yrs (EP Holder, Living in Singapore for 5 years)

I think it really helps to have someone listen to you objectively without a sales target at the back of their mind - Fabrique is unique in that way.  Everyone's viewpoint is different, but I can tell at least that they (Fabrique) do have a genuine interest in helping singles like me explore and build a meaningful relationship with the right person! Honestly, I just wanted to get the 15% discount from their lifetime membership since I like their events.  So I was a bit hesitant when they approached me to take part in their Love Board trial.  But I figured dates are like events, just that it's one other person instead of like twenty.  Not that I "hit the jackpot", but I found the dinner with Mr Fabrique entertaining and filled with humour.  It didn't lead to anything further, but it really got me seriously thinking about going on dates. 

Ms Fabrique Jo.L, 29yrs (Singaporean)

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Mr Fabrique N1, 35yrs

A friend once told me to "Always Choose Love", and I believe it's good advice! I'm looking for someone who is petite, caring, and emotionally open. 

Mr Fabrique C2, 35yrs

I believe life is not about the survival of the fittest, regardless of what Darwin tells us. And I hope to find someone who can weather life's ups and down together with me rather than view marriage as one of life's necessary milestones.

Ms Fabrique C3, 35yrs

"Communication is key to building trust for any relationship!". I'm looking for a guy who believes in going for what he wants, and who would look forward to sharing new experiences with me.

Ms Fabrique L3, 44yrs

A really bubbly girl, witty and thoroughly entertaining when it comes to conversations. Life's short enough, we all just want to be happy to make those around us happy! “能一起过生活最重要!"

Ms Fabrique AB, 29yrs

"Travelling opens new doors!" Youthful and well travelled girl who’s studied and lived overseas during her uni days.