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Mr Fabrique

A friend once told me to "Always Choose Love", and I believe it's good advice! I'm looking for someone who is petite, caring, and emotionally open!

Mr Fabrique N1, Co-Founder and Tech Lead

Age       : 35 years old
Height  : 1.63m
Weight : 61kg
Nationality       : EP Holder
Annual Income : >SGD150k

Here's What You'll Learn from Mr Fabrique


Who I am  

I'm a fun-loving guy who likes to hang out with friends and go to places like museums, musicals, concerts, and comedy shows. I'm also usually the funny guy in my circle of friends and I take my humor quite seriously! I love to go to the gym and keep fit. I also love trying out new things like doing yoga, taking Spanish lessons, and acting in TV commercials. I used to be very career-driven and ambitious but now prefer to take life more slowly and hopefully do more traveling with the right person. I'm Catholic and my faith is important to me, but I also generally value honesty, integrity, decency, and kindness.



What I want

I'm looking for someone who is petite, caring, and emotionally open. I love people who are optimistic, laid back, and able to appreciate the simple things in life. My partner has to want to settle down in Singapore in the long term.


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I'm an extremely self-motivated guy who starts almost every day at 5AM to exercise. My company is quite small and doing something groundbreaking, and I owe my success to it a lot, so I work long and hard to make sure we meet our mission and goals. I also take care of my family back home so I'm motivated to manage my finances well.


Relationship History

I've been in two serious relationships before, which didn't work out because they became long distance relationships at some point. Thus, it's important for me now to be with someone close so we can nurture the relationship better.



Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

I've been very fortunate to have already fulfilled my career and financial goals, and now I'm moving on to a different stage in life and looking forward to meeting the right person to build a lasting relationship with.