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Mr Fabrique2

"I believe life is not about the survival of the fittest, regardless of what Darwin tells us!"

Mr Fabrique C2, Research Engineer at Government Technology outfit

Age       : 35 years old
Height  : 1.78m
Weight : 77kg
Nationality       : Singaporean PR
Annual Income : >SGD60K

Here's What You'll Learn from Mr Fabrique


Who I am

Mr Fabrique is sporty and loves the outdoors.  He’s a frequent gym user and an occasional dragon boater, but has decided to give indoor events a try to exit his comfort zone and meet new people.  Admittedly, he’s more comfortable socially with guys, having been in a same gender work environment and having engaged in sports activities that appeal mostly to guys.  He’s working on improving his social skills and has loads of life experience to share. He’s a Buddhist, and places priority on religion, but values honesty, health and kindness above all other values.



What I want

I like travelling, but mostly within the region.  Somehow the Southeast Asian culture and history appeals to me more and I’m looking for someone to share new travelling experiences with.




Mr Fabrique likes his job because it gives him a chance to hone his technical skills and exercise his analytical mind.  But he’s also family oriented and has always taken care of his younger sibling since young.  He’s moving on to a different life stage and looking to start a family as he feels financially stable.


Relationship History

He’s had a previous relationship before, but that didn’t work out due to a difference in religious beliefs, which he really thought could be overcome without conversion from either party.  He would prefer not to have religion take centrestage in his relationship, and hopes to navigate via a moral compass instead.



Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

He hopes to achieve financial freedom before reaching 50, and aims to continue having adventures with his wife even after starting a family.