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Age is less of an issue for me, and little more than a number!

Mr Fabrique J7, Civil Servant

Age       : 29 years old
Build    : 1.77m, Athletic
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD100k

Here's What You'll Learn from Mr Fabrique


Who I am  

I’d like to think that my job does not define me.  Though I sometimes struggle to convince those around me otherwise, which can be strange given that Singapore built an entire generation of engineers.  Not that I’m extraordinary, given that I have the usual likes of a typical guy – gym, going to the movies, swimming, chilling out with friends.  I play the piano as well because it helps put me into a zen zone, and like most around my age, I’m driven to perfection when it comes to work and career progression.



What I want

Hmmmm.  We’re all looking for love really.  I’m looking for not just someone who cares for me but also someone who cares about me as a person.  Likewise, I believe in reciprocity and giving what I can in a relationship.  I’m looking for someone who is engaging in terms of conversation and of the same thinking wavelength as well as someone whom the physical attraction is mutual.  Age is less of an issue for me, and little more than a number.  Life is complex, with a myriad of considerations that needs a pair of logical minds to journey through.




Motivations / Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

I’m driven in my career, but eventually, I would really like to explore my entrepreneurial side when I’ve duly taken care of the other aspects of my life (like my singlehood).




Relationship History

I’ve dated ladies both younger and older than myself, and have come to realise it’s all about character and physical attraction.  Everyone’s life story is different, it’s just a question of congruence.  I’ve also tried my fair share of dating apps, but the problem with online avatars and profiles is that most of us are seldom whom we claim to be in our virtual persona.