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Life is tough, but it's all so much brighther with someone resilient and bubbly to weather the storms with.

Mr Fabrique LR, Financial Services

Age       : 33 years old
Build    : 1.72m, Medium Build 
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD100k

Here's What You'll Learn from Mr Fabrique


Who I am  

I’m someone who’s both comfortable travelling solo as well as chilling out at home. Most of my friends describe me with a sunny disposition, and I have to say I do prefer exploring places and new experiences.  I’m not too fussed about my appearance, as long as I don’t appear haggard or unshaven.  Knowing myself, I can’t quite pull off the lumberjack unfortunately.  While I’m not native to Singapore, I’ve studied here and have been working here for some years.  Family is key to me despite the long distance, and I believe strong family bonds keeps one centred and grounded wherever you may be in the world.



What I want

Someone to share new experiences with!  Tall, slim, vivacious, optimistic and strong despite the setbacks in life.  I would love someone I could hone my culinary skills with at home, and who places a strong emphasis on family bonds like I do.  Life is tough, but it’s all so much brighter with someone resilient and bubbly to weather the storms with.  Academics and income don’t really matter at the end of the day, and someone who understands the vagaries of life will know that the bonds we build together outlast these.



Motivations / Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

To be a better man, for my family and of course strong career aspirations.  I work in the field of technology where developments are fluid and sometimes mind boggling, I enjoy the challenge of a fast paced environment.


Relationship History

While it’s not a blank page for me here, I did face some challenges when she wasn’t as open and transparent as I hoped.  We both tried our best, but the conflict in our working schedules strained our relationship quite a bit.  Perhaps I should have been more understanding and less of a workaholic.