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I believe a relationship needs to be built together, with give and take along the way!

Mr Fabrique R2, Financial Service

Age       : 35 years old
Build    : 1.77m, Medium Build 
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD60k

Here's What You'll Learn from Mr Fabrique


Who I am  

I have a world of experience to share from my travels to various destinations, but at the end of the day what I really treasure is the time I spend with my family within the cosiness of home.  I have a keen eye for detail and structure, as years in my role in the financial sector demands of it and many depend on the work that I do.  I like to keep healthy, and exercising weekly is something that I like and enjoy.  Some may find me a little reticent, as I take a while to warm up to people, but it can be misconstrued as I’m an attentive listener.



What I want

Stability is something that I strive for in a relationship, and I do hope to find a lady who shares the same Catholic faith that I have as well as centers herself within the family.  I guess I’m not really looking for movie-like excitement in a relationship, but I’m willing to devote my time and heart to share and understand your interests and aspirations.  I believe a relationship needs to be built together, with give and take along the way.



Motivations / Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

To further build upon my life and work experience, and to carve a niche for myself in whatever I do.  My focus is more on life experience, rather than the material gains in life.


Relationship History

I’ve been on the dating scene for some years now, and constantly on the lookout for that spark!  I do hope to find someone whom we can share our lives and experiences with.