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Ms Fabrique3

"Travelling opens new doors!" She loves meeting new people and hearing different perspectives on life!

Ms Fabrique AB, Finance Industry

Age       : 29 years old
Height  : 1.65m
Weight : 55kg
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD80k 

Here's What You'll Learn from Ms Fabrique


Who I am  

Youthful and well-travelled girl who's studied and lived overseas during her uni days. She loves meeting new people and hearing different perspectives on life — she believes everyone has walked a different path in life and deserves to be heard. Academic achievements don't really matter that much when it comes to life experiences.



What I want

She's looking for someone driven in life, not in monetary terms but rather in terms of personal goals. Someone who loves travelling as much as she does, and hopefully with a dry, witty sense of humour. Guys who have a knack for ghosting on a whim should be avoided at all costs.




The beauty of mother nature needs to be explored to be appreciated, but being in cooler weather certainly would be a bonus!



Relationship History

Hmmm...not sure if dating apps count, but the spectrum is a bit too wide for her to cope.



Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

Her job is constantly challenging her to scale new heights, and she hopes to do the same on the personal front, but with that special someone.