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"Communication is key to building trust for any relationship!"

Ms Fabrique C3, Commodities Trading Firm — Product Control

Age       : 35 years old
Height  : 1.63m
Weight : 57kg
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD120k 

Here's What You'll Learn from Ms Fabrique


Who I am  

I'm a sporty gal who’s comfortable both in a gym and on a hiking trail. I like travelling and hanging out with friends at the movies. I may not be the life of the party, but I care a lot for those around me. Family is key to me, and I believe in respecting and taking care of our parents as we are who we are because of them.  I’m also into attending musicals and plays, as these offer a window into a different world – new experiences are key to my life journey.



What I want

I'm looking for a guy who believes in going for what he wants, and who would look forward to sharing new experiences with me.  I would also really appreciate a guy who values family relationships, including those with our parents, but who also appreciates the inherent complexities within.  Everybody deserves respect, so dismissive views or condescending behaviour towards service staff can be a real turn off.




I believe in total wellness, and staying healthy is the way to go for long lasting relationships.  My working environment is highly stressful, but I never bring that stress into my relationships.


Relationship History

I've been in relationships before, and I value witty conversations and intelligence over appearances.



Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

I’m happy with my job, but always looking to improve myself further. And I would really love to have someone to cherish and accompany me on my life journey.