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Ms Fabrique (2)

Life's short enough, we all just want to be happy to make those around us happy! “能一起过生活最重要!"

Ms Fabrique L3, B2B Sales for a Tech Firm

Age       : 44 years old
Height  : 1.55m
Weight : 49kg
Nationality       : Singaporean
Annual Income : >SGD50k 

Here's What You'll Learn from Ms Fabrique


Who I am  

A really bubbly girl, witty and thoroughly entertaining when it comes to conversations.  She has great complexion and a beautiful smile that has clearly worked well for her.  She believes in being open and candid when it comes to communicating, and is not shy when it comes to admitting her own faults or confessing her faux pas to close friends.



What I want

Like some ladies, she has tried dating apps but found it difficult to deal with dishonesty or exaggerated profiles.  She’s looking for someone jovial and with an active lifestyle as she likes hiking through our park connectors and travelling overseas whether for city or beach holidays.  She hopes to find someone with solid values (honesty being one of them clearly), but willing to respect each other’s need for personal space.  Ultimately, she is looking to support the right guy through life’s ups and downs, and hopes he will do the same for her too – 能一起过生活最重要!




She believes in keeping fit, and liking what you do at work.  Life’s short enough, we all just want to be happy to make those around us happy.



Relationship History

She’s been in previous relationships before, but found dishonesty with her to be a deal breaker.



Goals / Dreams / Aspirations

She’s open to new experiences, happy with the stability in her job and on the lookout for someone to grow and be with her.