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It’s difficult as it is finding love and it helps to have someone to speak to along the way. We've all been there one way or another – so we are empathetic - you’ll be surprised at how varied our personal experiences are at Fabrique; one of the top dating / matchmaking agency in Singapore!

That's why we're here - as counsel and confidante in your adventure. The path is winding and we’re there together to figure out what works for you as you evolve and grow. Everyone deserves happiness in their own way.

Inspiring connections is what we look for. Everyone has a love story that is uniquely yours. Come with us now for a journey filled with hope and life’s share of ups and downs.

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Looking back at how far Max and I have come during these past 4 years of our relationship, we can’t help but be thankful for all the elements that came into place for us to meet.

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You will never know if your true love is just round the corner.Who would have thought what started of as just a fun outing, (organised by Champagne) to get to know more friends, actually ended up as our very own love story!

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We first met on a dating lunch arranged by Champagne JSG on Singapore 49th Birthday!

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We would like to thank the dedicated matching consultants at Champagne SG for their service in helping us find each other on our last date with them.

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John and I are elated over our upcoming wedding, and we would like to thank Champagne SG for their professional service and dedication to assist their members.

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