Code of Conduct

  1. Fabrique complies with the principles of good business practice. We run the business with transparency and integrity. We ensure that our clients are fully informed about our service details, what we can deliver, pricing of our services, payment terms and term and conditions governing the membership.
  2. We treat our clients with fairness and honesty. We believe in providing sufficient information for our clients to make informed choices.
  3. We do not discriminate. We treat all our clients with respect and maintain a consistent service level.
  4. Fabrique complies with the principle of good sales, advertising and promotions practices. We ensure that our publicity materials convey clear, unambiguous, truthful, accurate and non-misleading information to our clients. We do not allow advertisements or promotions which contain a false representation or which may potentially mislead the clients.
  5. We avoid using materials which may potentially disclose our clients’ information in our publicity. In the event this is unavoidable, we will seek our client’s agreement before proceeding with the circulation.
  6. Fabrique complies with the principles of professional development. We ensure that our team of Dating Practitioners undergo appropriate training and obtain the relevant certifications before they engage in the provision of dating services. We continuously seek professional improvement and advancement, as well as keep up with industry developments, to enhance our service to our clients.
  7. Fabrique complies with the principles of privacy and information security. Maintaining the confidentiality of our members is our priority. We ensure that no confidential and personal information of our members will be revealed to anyone prior to obtaining the member’s consent. Also, information obtained from our members is strictly used for purposes necessary for the provision of our services.
  8. Fabrique complies with the principle of redress and monitoring mechanism. We view feedback as an important input to our continuous improvement in achieving greater client satisfaction. We monitor all complaints and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to ensure satisfactory resolution for parties concerned.