Fabrique’s Story

Love. Where Trust and True Connections intertwine.

Who We Are

Fabrique is an SDN (Social Development Network) accredited dating agency with over 8 years of successful matchmaking experience in Singapore.

Professional Fabrique Team

Our professional and passionate team is committed to delivering responsible and distinctive dating services to all who come through the doors. This includes both curated dating events for singles that are thoughtfully planned, as well as innovative, evolving personalised matching services.

More Than Just Consultants

Although we bear the name of consultants, we are more than that. Brimming with life experience and coming from various backgrounds, we see ourselves as someone that you can trust, relate and grow together with as your love story unfolds. It will be a two-way relationship where we continuously build a trusted relationship that you can count on.

Alongside our team is a growing network of partners that we thoughtfully curate to deliver memorable dating experiences. We are committed to supporting your growing connections and to set you up for success.

What We Do

We are a wishing well of endless possibilities. Our strength is in our ability to set you up for success, not only by matching you with suitable matches, but also to understand what makes you and your love story unique.

We provide immersive dating possibilities

We make sure that you start your dating journey on the right note and we will walk alongside as you as you follow cupid’s footsteps. Coupled with leading industry partners in the F&B, travel and service sectors, you can immerse yourself in memorable and innovative dating possibilities.

We care for you

While we pay attention to your dating experience, we care about you most. We go above and beyond to collaborate with you to become a better partner by sharing with you our knowledge and expertise.

Why We Do It

Well, we like what we do!  Most of us here at Fabrique have gone through what you are about to experience in more ways than you can imagine.

We understand the hopes, the anxiety and the expectations going into each event or date.  That’s why we pour our best effort into ensuring the quality of the date and event experience – they are crucial to the blossoming of love and attraction.

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