For Those Moments in Life

Real people, real stories! 

Those Moments in Life… – I was busy trying to figure out the commodities positioning for 2H2021 when my son called. Usually it’s about adding time, Robux or swimming. This time my heart sank and I thought I heard some other body part drop on the floor when he said, “爸爸快点回来,妈妈流血了“…

My immediate reaction of course was to ascertain her consciousness, and try to ignore the fact that Teen Titans was blaring in the background, but I trusted him with my gut and just dashed out of Thye Hong instead.

I made a mental note on the mad drive home, and later on to the A&E, that the Lexus ES was too gentlemanly for emergency drives, and that a rugged SUV would be better suited for such situations. The scene at home was surprisingly unchaotic, but emotionally distraught and somewhat gruesome with blood splashed all over the floor. Adding a tad to the confusion was my crying helper, whom I understood from my heavily expectant but lucid wife later on, was in shock. Her lucidity even in this situation reminded me how lucky I was to have her. Not a teen, but definitely a titan in her own right.

One of the most trying moments in one’s life, is waiting for a loved one outside the OT. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have had those moments several times in life – and aside from praying never to have one again, these moments force one to think about why and how to deal with the devastation that will most certainly follow if a downside scenario occurs. It is precisely this fear, that drives us in life and that allows us to constantly reassess our priorities in life…

Fabrique has opened our eyes to a multitude of experiences and a wealth of frustration of course. And we are forever grateful to our staff who step up or in when needed and to face the tidal wave of dating apps. We believe in digitalisation (mentioned for the 1000th time), just not digital babies or digital sex for that matter.

We nag our members to focus on the things that truly matter, but forget ourselves that in absence of any life changing event, that advice is viewed as redundant and irrelevant. Wake the f up? Stay woke? Lip service in these times – we have not met a single member who (is of course concerned about climate change, governance and the environment) doesn’t have a height, income or looks requirement.

As if that would help determine how good a man is to his children or to his wife later on in life. I suppose if he turns out to be a nightmare, it’s okay because he looks great in photos, stands taller than 1.72m and earns ample income to glamourise the family’s lifestyle?

And for guys, looks determine nothing, and certainly speaks nothing of a woman’s strength and stoicism in times of family adversity – as some men have come to an epiphany of in the recent KTV/Satay debacle or the magic of social media with Vera Wang. Fortitude and generosity in a woman, are what we should be looking for, and like us, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Side note for guys: Few realise this, but not having a height of at least 1.72m (and taller in the years to come), is almost like a guarantee for singlehood according to MANY ladies. How they manage to visually ascertain this at dates is a mystery to us, but be warned. Certainly puts perspective whichever side of the gender fence you sit on doesn’t it?

Not that character, integrity, looks, income and height are mutually exclusive, but as a dutiful parent I constantly remind my son to jump daily and stretch his legs. If all else fails, I’m resigned to saving up for his robot/android life companion in our declining and ageing population.

Sure, Fabrique gets complaints – especially when members don’t get what they want. But we’ve never asked members what they want, only whom they think is suitable for themselves minus the pinches of salt and msg about their own better qualities (we do of course promise matches, dates and meaningful, interactive events!).

If you’re asking at this point, what is the point then? 

Then to you, I have this to say – Cheer up! You’ll have a chance to expand your social circle with us, just don’t imagine yourself to be in a grocery store (or some night establishment) picking life partners off the shelf or line up according to the price tag. You can of course choose to do so, but karma can be a bitch sometimes.

We all hope to deserve what we want and that we are wanted enough!

Most of us will be found wanting more than once in our transient lifetime, and it’s precisely during those times, that we want to be grateful to our partners for not throwing something down the well. So think far, think wide and with our hearts as we feel around our life partner choices!