How to find a girlfriend

Some people find love in their immediate social circle. Given enough time, other singles start venturing out, joining social clubs and doing things they don’t usually do. Some turn to dating apps in hopes of sweet-talking a girl enough for her to go on a date. Some seek help from dating agencies like us to help find a soulmate.

If you’ve been actively trying all sorts of avenue to find love but to no avail, the solution may lie within you.

Yes, you. Making yourself more attractive helps to draw in a crowd. But you’ve got to put your ego aside and build it up again to become irresistible.

Talk to Your Best Girl Friend

Take her out to brunch and ask her to be brutally honest with you, asking, “Will you date me?” Don’t get emotional about her response; you want feedback to improve yourself. Listen closely and ask more questions. Trying to understand things from a girl’s perspective helps. It can be demoralising at first, but taking those feedback seriously and acting on them will put you on the path to getting hitched.

Talk to Your Best Buddies

If you don’t have a best girl friend, turn to your buddies: the ones who know you inside out, including all your dirty little secrets, and are already with someone. Grab some beer, settle down and tell them that you have some trouble finding The One. Ask them about their experiences, including how they got together with their partners and what they think you can improve on. Again, put your ego aside, note their advice and act on it.

Start Grooming, Dressing up and Working Out

Yes, ladies can be visual too. Following a skincare regime, shaving and trimming your hair regularly keeps you looking neat and tidy. If you’re not already dressing up, overhaul your wardrobe. Wear shirts and pants that fit you nicely. Start a workout routine and stick to it. You’ll be surprised how confident you’ll begin to feel and the attention you’ll be attracting when you do these things for yourself.

Enrich Yourself

Learn to appreciate things that ladies may like, such as cooking (hey, you might even chance upon the love of your life during the lesson!), baking, musicals and fashion (yes fashion, not to cross-dress but to give constructive opinions. You’ll find this tip useful at the mall soon enough). This gives you common topics to talk about or even to enjoy the activities together. You’ll become a more interesting person and conversations become more natural and free-flowing. No more awkward silences! Just make sure that you genuinely enjoy these activities yourself.

Have a stable career

Women love security, and nothing screams security more than a stable career. No matter if you are an employee or an entrepreneur, make sure you’re continually investing in your own education and performing well at work to keep progressing. She needs to know that you can provide for the family (if it comes to that).

Be Yourself, But a Better Version

While you should listen to advice, it doesn’t mean that they are all applicable to you. Make your judgement on what you should improve on and when to make those things happen. Go for changes that you know will do you good and can sustain. Keep in mind that you’re doing this for the sole purpose of improving yourself to make yourself more desirable, so even if it makes you a little uncomfortable, think of the beautiful future!

Get Yourself Out There

Once you’re ready, it’s time to present yourself. Like a marketing campaign at awareness stage, you need to make sure people know you exist. Be positively active on social media, join networking groups and hobby groups, participate in dating events, and catch up with old friends, anything that puts people in contact with you.

After all, once you’ve become more attractive, it’s all a numbers game.


Cover photo by Angel Origgi on Unsplash
Photos by Spencer Selover on Pexels and Matt Wildbore on Unsplash