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When it comes to dating, there really is many different types of people out there. While we do wish that all are dates goes well, sometimes we can experience dates that are just quite complicated. Although everyone do have their quirks, some quirks can be major red flags that its best to be careful.

Join us for our zoom sharing session as we bring up some red flags that you definitely should watch out for. From having no opinion or asking about your income, let us guide you to navigate through those red flags during the first date so that you can handle them with confidence.

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What to Expect?

  • Learn what our ladies expect before and after the date and how you can use it to improve your experience
  • Live Zoom session which our Fabrique team share their experiences
  • Get advice and tips on how to use the above knowledge and apply it to yourself!
  • Practice what you learn: enter our lucky draw for a chance to win 1 free date!

Registration & Payment

  • Payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer. For bank transfer, please contact¬†[email protected].
  • Fabrique reserves the right not to accord the discount if the code is not keyed in.
  • Full event details will be sent to you via email closer to event date.
  • All events are open to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Employment Pass (EP) Holders only.


  • 14-10-20
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue:   Singapore

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