As Warren Buffett puts it succinctly….  “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked.”.  Well, there were no Naked Chefs at our event that’s for sure, but it became clear at the first dish who cooks at home, or not at all!

So we all knew it was a massively ambitious challenge cooking 5 dishes (Sorry! we had to skip the last dish of dessert or it was going to end up being dinner!), but that didn’t stop participants from pushing themselves to their culinary limits.  As we all juggled ingredients, rotations, stove breakdowns, ice-breakers and blindfolds (yes, that’s right, thankfully everybody put down their knives at that point), it was nothing short of a miracle that we accomplished what we did!

While everyone was probably more relieved at the end of it all when they could finally sit down and munch away, Yingying made sure no one went hungry with her signature fried rice with large prawns (but not the Newtown-hawker-centre-tourist-sized sort) for all!

Thank you all for coming and being so sporting, we really enjoyed the event!