Fabrique Team

Chen Yingying


Fabrique Team (3)
Jeff Zhuo

Relationship Manager

Our entrusted and empathetic Relationship Manager, Jeff is with our clients every step of the way.

Fabrique Team (4) - Gina, Event Manager
Gina Lee

Events Manager

Stranger to few, Gina has been our inhouse mastermind when it comes to orchestrating Fabrique’s dating events with that special interactive touch.

Fabrique Team (5)
Tiffany Cheong

Relationship Manager

Caring and attentive, Tiffany is a firm guiding hand for our clients along their dating journey.

Matching Team

With decades of experience, our Matching Team relies on not just quantitative indicators but also intuition (and even in some cases paternal/maternal instincts!) when arranging our matches.