Part 2: Dating Poll Results

It’s finally Fri-yay! Hope your week has been nothing but fantastic, snowballing into the weekend! Today, we breakdown the dating poll results in Part 2 with some dating tips on how you can work towards changing your relationship status from single to attached. And do remember to check out our previous posts here !

Q5: How would you show that you care about your partner?

Time. Quality time is the stark result from the poll as you can see. We all need physical and emotional presence, something real for our 5 senses. It’s difficult enough to do both, and it’s not just about being physically present, but also being aware of our body language – looking distracted or like you’re not listening no matter how much of a multi-tasker you are is hardly quality time. While being present in person is difficult, you can still show how much you care every day, not just on holidays or special occasions. Remember, what makes a mundane day special is what you do for your partner.

Surely you have come across the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words“? Well. it’s true, and there are many simple ways to show affection to your partner. No matter what your love language, showing care and affection is an important part of any healthy relationship.

Do something unexpected! Most people love a surprise, especially when that surprise is something that helps them or makes their life a little bit easier, even if just for a minute. Here are 5 ways to do just that:

  • Send a heartfelt handwritten letter to convey your sincerity
  • Try new experiences together – forget first loves, first experiences create strong bonds
  • Keep your promise, no matter how small
  • Share and offer things without expectations
  • Listen and show trust! Empathise before responding

Q6: How have you been keeping or how would you keep the romance alive this month?

Keeping the spark alive is an important part of any relationship, regardless of how far along the romance is. Even more so now, where our relationships are forcibly made long distance. Yes, it’s a lot more work to keep your interactions exciting when you’re not able to meet your date in person, but where’s the fun in easy ?

The feeling of being so close yet so far can be soul-crushing. But don’t let it get you down! Long distance relationships are all about adapting and overcoming. Read on for some creative date ideas to make your relationship even stronger!

Ready to spice things up?

Check out these 5 long distance date ideas recommended by Dr Love.

  • Send over surprise grub – the litmus test of how well you know him/her.
  • Plan your next romantic date or travel trip
  • Enjoy a Netflix party together – watch and gossip together, or even better combine with No.1 above!
  • Have a double date – cook and enjoy the dinner “together” with your bestie!
  • Join Fabrique’s Zoom Party! (Sorry, I just had to add that in, works best with copious amounts of whisky.)

Q7: You’ve gone on a few dates, which do you think is an indicator that he/she is ready to formalise the relationship:

Were you able to spot a good relationship? A healthy relationship does not magically manifest overnight.  It takes communication, commitment, compromise, forgiveness and most of all —— effort! These days it’s not enough to assume that traditional labels of “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, or even “partner” are enough to confirm exclusivity.  Besides the more obvious actions of holding hands and smooching, one of the very first signs of a blossoming relationship is when two people spend significant time together even when the going gets tough! If you’re keen to know more about the traffic lights in a relationship, check out our previous story here!

No guarantees on exclusivity, but these 5 signs could tell you whether that person might be the one! 

  • Time flies, hours have gone by on the date, but there still seems more to be said!
  • Comfortably being yourself around the person, without societal pressure or fear of being judged inspite of almost full knowledge of your quirks, habits and aspirations.
  • When he/she remembers your preferences when planning your second date.
  • Treating your friends or family well even when they’re clearly suffering from incessant questions or comments!
  • Similar values, outlook and goals for life – this can make for a smoother and cohesive relationship.