Part 1: Dating Poll Results

Hello from Fabrique Love again!

Hang in there! Some semblance of normalcy will start to return by July. And so here at Fabrique Love, we continue to hand out freebies to the Fabrique Love family to keep everyone entertained, amused and hopefully optimistic!

Well, we had quite an overwhelming response to our dating poll! We gifted out $10 GrabFood vouchers to slightly over 10% of respondents and $10 Fabrique Love event vouchers to those of you who just missed the cutoff, so everyone gets something! This week, we’re sharing Part 1 (of 2) of the dating poll results with some dating tips to assist you in your journey of finding and being the right one! Have an enjoyable read!

Q1: How often would you text someone that you’re interested in?

Momentum vs Space! It’s an old age dilemma of course. We know it can be nerve wrecking, but after the first date or contact, we should always keep things warm to avoid the uncertainty and unnerving sound of silence. Let your date know you had a good time, and work towards a firm timing for the next one. But if you sense the feeling wasn’t mutual, accept the flow and give each other some space. And we’ve talked about Space before – understand the context of your partner’s job, personal routine or situation before deciding on the intervals between texting. Some jobs do require mobile phones to be out of reach for long intervals, so keep calm and carry on if you don’t get an instantaneous response!

Don’t wait X days to reach out!

Mixed messages… First off, don’t share your number if you’re really not keen – be polite but firm or you end up sending out confusing signals. And if your date has given you their number (with a smile hopefully), the attraction could be mutual. So take a deep breath and :

  • Ask a leading question, show you remembered something from your conversation
  • Bring in a shared interest/activity to lead in the next date
  • Use emojis judiciously.

Q2:Being apart and unable to meet physically, what does this mean to you and your love language?

Different people can have different ideas about what love means, or how it should be expressed. Clearly for guys, when it comes to the 5 love languages, action or planning an activity seems to come to the fore. The high response rate for guys on texting did come as a surprise, but I guess during this circuit breaker period, it’s the easiest way to keep the love going! And guys, you’ll be do well to take heed of the high response rate for ladies on this.

If you feel upset when your partner does not text you good morning or goodnight, this is a sign that your primary love language could be Words of affirmation. And conversely, long distance relationships can be a struggle for those of us whose primary love language is that of quality time or physical touch.

Q3: Ladies, how would you tell if your dates is going well or not at all?

Humour can be incredibly sexy, just make sure your jokes aren’t sexist. And the timing of physical contact can be critical. Humour is the best way to break the ice and opportune an innocent touch. And once or twice is acceptable, just don’t over do it on the first date or it gets creepy.

On a first date, touch should be limited and only natural, friendly, and warm. Positioning is also life saving – the forearm is neutral zone, as is the small of the back. Anything too far up, down, left or right could trigger alarm bells. Be brave, but calculated and safe. And guys, don’t drape your arm around her neck or shoulders on the first date to show that you’re taller.

Q4: Guys, whom of the following ladies would you date?

Enlightening. The simple truth is, we all want to be in love and be loved. Guys, sending us photos of pouty models and Instagram influencers is great for our entertainment, just remember that unrequited love can be emasculating and pointless even when walking next to (not with) your goddess.

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on:

  • Mutual respect
  • Trust and honesty
  • Similar values
  • And a healthy dose of lust.