12 types of girls you will come across in dating apps

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Previously we’ve shared the 12 types of dudes you’re likely to meet online in Singapore. This time round, in the name of gender equality, we’ve consolidated a list of ladies for the gentlemen out there who may or may not have encountered. If you’ve met ALL of them, you’re all the better for the experience.

Let’s dive in!

The Ambitious / Intellectual 

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - ambitious

Hardly a surprise? With the costs of living escalating, it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of Singaporean women are driven and highly focused on attaining financial security and climbing the corporate ladder. That is not to say they’re money minded, and are more often than not with exceptional intellect and a deep curiosity for knowledge and provocative conversations . Likewise, they value intellectual stimulation and set high standards for their partners in their quest for all rounded success.

The Attention Seeker

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - attention seeker

These individuals seek validation, an ego boost, and are constantly in want of positive affirmation and attention from others. They’re likely to have a respectable following on social media, and will maintain their online persona at all costs. If you find them on Tinder and Bumble, it’s more likely meant for self-promotion or as a “marketing tool.” Understanding this, you’d realise that you’re unlikely to get a response unless your online persona is drool-worthy.

The Wellness Women 

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - wellness woman

Women who place importance on physical fitness and derive enjoyment from engaging in sports or other physical activities. She might drag you to a gym or workout before a date, just to see how good your stamina is after the workout. So you’d probably get a swipe right if you have a picture of yourself working out!

The Extroverted 

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - extroverted

These women demonstrate exceptional social skills and derive joy from forming connections with new people. They are proactive and confident in taking the initiative, whether it’s making the first move, planning the initial date, or even initiating future plans. Their outgoing personality and general interest in people could be misconstrued as romantic interest, but it could be just another social setting for them. You’re more likely to find them in group settings, drinking at a bar with their girlfriends.

The Spiritual

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - spiritual

Women who have strong spiritual beliefs or are interested in exploring spirituality. These women hold firm beliefs in Fate and its influence on personal traits, compatibility, and life paths. They believe that celestial (not physical) bodies and their positions can offer insights into their personalities, relationships, and future outcomes. Either God(s) (or Astrology) plays a significant role in how they perceive themselves and their interactions with others, guiding their decisions and shaping their worldview. Nothing personal if they don’t swipe right on you, it’s just that the stars are not aligned.

The Tomboy

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - tomboy

Women who possess a blend of feminine and masculine qualities tend to possess a strong sense of humor and derive pleasure from making others laugh. They frequently incorporate clever comments, wit, and lighthearted exchanges in their conversations, and they excel at creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, making dating experiences more captivating and unforgettable. They have little difficulty slipping in and out of the bro and sultry personas according to the situation. These women are rare, so when you spot one, keep them close.

The Nerdy

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - nerd

These women are enthusiastic about areas like gaming, technology, or various fandoms. These women delve deep into their areas of interest, staying up-to-date with the latest developments, and often have extensive knowledge in their chosen domains. They find joy in discussing and exploring these subjects, connecting with like-minded individuals who share their passions. Their intellectual curiosity and dedication to their hobbies make them engaging and fascinating companions for those who appreciate their unique interests.

The Free-spirited

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - free spirited

These women are all about being true to themselves and embracing their individuality. They don’t care about fitting into society’s mold or following the usual rules. They’re free-spirited and love taking risks and doing things their own way. They’re always up for an adventure and never shy away from trying something new. These women value being genuine and living in the moment. They’re not afraid to be different and embrace who they really are.

These ladies are open-minded and love going on new adventures and trying things they haven’t done before. Some of them prioritize their personal growth, self-discovery, and trying out new things. They’re curious and haven’t had much experience with dating apps, so they’re excited to explore this platform for fun. Maybe their friends or peers convinced them to give it a shot as a way to find a partner.

The Caring/Compassionate

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - compassionate

Possibly the long sufferers. These women are characterized by their deep empathy, kind-heartedness, and genuine concern for the well-being of others. They possess a natural inclination to offer support and assistance to those in need, prioritizing acts of kindness and making a positive impact on people’s lives. These women have a keen understanding of others’ emotions and are skilled at providing comfort, understanding, and encouragement. They approach relationships and interactions with a nurturing and compassionate mindset, making them trustworthy and reliable sources of support. Their genuine care for others extends beyond their immediate circle and often extends to broader causes and initiatives aimed at making a difference in the world.

The Psychoanalyst

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - emotional

These women are individuals who have a strong fixation on their emotions and the emotional aspects of their lives. They tend to be highly sensitive and delve deeply into their own feelings. These women often invest a significant amount of their time and energy in analyzing and exploring their emotions and that of others, seeking meaning and understanding in every action they observe.

They may find themselves constantly preoccupied with their emotional state, overthinking even the smallest of actions. They can become deeply invested in romantic relationships, often seeking intense emotional connections and becoming easily attached to their partners. They may also show behaviors such as constantly seeking reassurance, brooding over non-existent problems and experiencing intense emotional highs and lows.

The High Maintenance

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - high maintenance

The lamp that doesn’t save on oil. These ladies have a high level of expectations and demand an even higher level of relationship servicing. They often require a significant amount of attention, time, and visible effort from their partners. These women tend to have specific preferences and desires that they expect others to fulfill, and regard any shortfall in effort from their partners as disinterest or a lack of commitment. Often perfectionists, they are in pursuit of the perfect appearance, setting or even emotion//feeling. So if you’re looking or sounding anything less than perfect on the app, or if there’s a hint of laxity in your profile, expect them to swipe left .

The One Who’s Really Looking

12 types of girls in Dating Apps - the right one

These women are actively using dating apps with the intention of finding a long-term and meaningful relationship in the most efficient manner possible. They are seeking a partner with whom they can build a lasting connection and potentially share their lives together. Expect them to ponder over your profile and the reasons why you wrote your profile as such, right down to your choice of your profile pic. Expect that they might swipe left on you if your bio says “not here for a long time, but for a good time”.

Advice: This one’s a keeper!

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