Dating Myths to Stop Believing

Couple holding hands on a date

Have you been in this situation before?

You’ve been on countless dates but it’s not working out. You’re dejected and convinced that you just haven’t met the right one. Perhaps it’s not about meeting the right one, but you could be blindly following some dating myths that are preventing you from finding love.

Below are some beliefs that are commonly heard, at least in our field of work.

Women should be more reserved for a better impression

While that may be true in the past, it is considered passé in the modern dating culture today. Remember, communication is a two-way thing and the last thing that you want is a Q&A session with the guy asking questions and the lady answering them. Although it’s nice for a lady to appear reserved and gentle on a date, it may land her at her last date if the same issue persists. A tip is be your natural self and let the conversation flow.

Women should be the one dressing up for dates

For years, women are intertwined with makeup and dressing up simply because they love dolling up themselves. However, that doesn’t mean guys should not make any effort to dress up at all. We can’t emphasize how much first impression matters when it comes to dating and looking sharp definitely helps you to score!

We’re not asking for tailored tux or dressy evening gowns on a first date but dressing smart is a sign of respect and a measure of how much this date means to you. Well, you never know if you may just meet the one on this date!

Men should always make the first move

In this modern era, gender equality is often heard and it makes us wonder why there are differences when it comes to dating? Traditionally, women don’t make the first move as it may be seen as a ‘desperate move’. However, survey results have shown that 90% of men are cool with the idea of being asked out by a woman. In fact, they appreciate it when ladies suggest new date ideas instead of always taking them out on dinner dates.

As much as women fear rejections and making the wrong moves, men are too! However, if the obvious signs of interest are shown, it becomes a jab in time to boost their courage. So, for ladies who are wondering whether you should drop a text to the guy first, do it and it may turn out to be a blessing!