How to Deal with Dating Anxiety?

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Life itself is already stressful as it is and going on a date can sometimes bring a lot of pressure and cause a borderline panic attack in otherwise confident people.

Dating anxiety is usually caused by your own worries of how the date would turn out or whether he or she likes you. These thoughts manifests in your mind and create nervousness in you. Here are some tips on how to cope with this problem without going through therapy or medication.

Try not to see the date as a ‘date’

One reason people get dating anxiety is because they try to imagine everyone they meet as their potential soulmate. When you bank your entire happiness on a date, there is added pressure on yourself. Try to view the date as a chance to meet new people, have fun and see where things goes before mapping the entire future in your head.

Do not overthink and adjust your thoughts

Worries are sometimes caused by overthinking on our part. If you are nervous during a date, do not beat yourself up worrying how you acted or behaved. In fact, constantly give yourself positive affirmation will help you build confidence and do better.

Practise relaxation techniques

When anxiety hits, try out a simple exercise to calm yourself down. If you can, try going for a walk or take some deep breaths. If it happens when you are with your date, simply excuse yourself to the bathroom and  take deep breaths until you regain composure. This simple technique can help calm yourself down fast and compose yourself better.

Try these methods the next time you feel anxious on your date. You might also want to include this deep breathing technique in your daily routine!