Unhealthy dating trends to watch out for!


More than often, we all wish for happy endings with the person whom we are dating. Unfortunately, in this modern world where everyone wants to pilot their life, we will chance upon bad dating behaviour in the process. Here are some unhealthy dating trends that you should watch out for or you might end up with a heartbreak!


Have you been seeing someone for a while and it feels like you two are almost in an exclusive relationship? When everything seems to be moving in the right direction, he/she simply disappears without a trace leaving you stranded?

If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve been ghosted and it’s perfectly okay. Don’t give up on dating because of someone who doesn’t even have the courage to give you a proper closure. The truth is they’ve ghosted on themselves, not you.

While you may have been ghosted, don’t be a ‘ghoster’ to someone else too! If you don’t see yourself dating him/her in the long-term, be honest and let them know. It may hurt initially but an unbidden goodbye will leave a mark on someone forever.


Curving is somewhat similar to ghosting but worst. Curving is when you try to define the ‘exclusive relationship’ but he/she avoids the topic all the time and continues to stay in your life for companionship. In short, he/she is leading you on despite knowing your feelings towards them.

Sometimes we don’t need to overcomplicate things. If the other party has always been dodging your questions regarding the relationship, it is clear that he/she is just not that into you. A person who wants to be with you will not hesitate to define the relationship. In such situations, it is best to move on as you deserve someone who wants to be with you without a doubt.


Ever encountered someone who hits you up once in a while trying to pique your interest but he/she never once tried to fulfill the date which they have promised?

As the term ‘breadcrumbing’ suggests, they’d bait you with bread crumbs and make you fall for them to boost their ego. They come out with excuses to justify their reasons for not being here each time. People like them only come looking for you in their free time and they are unlikely to be serious in anything more than a fling.

If this is happening to you, consider cutting off contact and move on because the last thing you want to be is a spare tyre to someone else.