What does your blood-type say about your dating style?

what does your bloodtype say about your dating style?
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The different blood types

Blood types are typically classified into four main groups: A, B, AB, and O. Each of these can further be categorized as RhD positive or RhD negative, resulting in a total of eight blood types.

Although there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the blood personality theory, it is a widely accepted belief in Japan that one’s blood type influences their personality.

The blood type personality theory has been developed through observational studies of individuals with the four blood groupings. While there isn’t concrete scientific proof linking blood type to personality traits, many Japanese people perceive it as having some semi-scientific basis.

During World War II, this theory was even utilized to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of soldiers, reportedly leading to the organization of battle groups based on blood type. Especially useful in a war, but maybe not so in peaceful relationships.

In contemporary times, the blood type personality theory is also employed to assess compatibility in romantic relationships.

Below are some of the characteristics commonly associated with each blood group:

Blood types personality

Blood Type A Personality:

  • Friendly, charming, and introverted
  • Prideful and somewhat greedy
  • Clever, passionate, sensitive, and cooperative
  • Loyal and patient, and they love peace
  • Overly sensitive about different things as compared with other blood types
  • Care a lot about etiquette as well as social standards
  • Do not like to break the set rules on etiquette or the societal standards or rules that have been laid down
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Blood Type B Personality:

  • More conservative and introverted compared to other blood types
  • Considerate of others and are admirably punctual and patient
  • Possessing a high level of intelligence
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Blood Type AB Personality:

  • A mix of A and B personality traits
  • Possessing a high level of intelligence
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Blood Type O Personality:

  • Confident and intuitive
  • Easy-going personality
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Blood types compatibility

Matchmaking of blood types have been a very common method widely use in Japan and Korean. Many couples look into that as a reliable source to scout their potential partners. Here is how the blood type compatibility works: 

  • A: Best compatible with O and worst compatible with B
  • B: Best compatible with AB and worst compatible with A
  • AB: Best compatible with AB, A, B, and O i.e. everyone’s type
  • O: Best compatible with A

Before you go out there and start drawing blood from your dates, just remember this isn’t Twilight or some raunchy series. Fabrique doesn’t place any particular emphasis on blood types, but we do believe in having a bit of fun when it comes to matching. Ultimately, we believe it comes down to personal values and our outlook on life and life partners, which shape our approach to these “tools” as you seek out a life partner.