Dr Love MasterClass (Part One)

Do you feel that you should be in your most natural self when it comes to dates?

Is the first statement that comes to mind “He/she needs to accept me in my most natural form in order for this relationship to be long term” or “He/she needs to accept me for who I am!”

Sure, there’s nothing wrong in thinking that.  But do we therefore head to work in our shorts and flip-flops?  Great if you’re the boss and you’re paying everyone’s salaries, but is that the best example to set?  Well, dating is no different, there is a minimum decorum and acceptable protocol – don’t expect your “most natural self” to appeal instantly to everyone or anyone for that matter.

In Part One of our Dr Love Masterclass, we rehash what it means to dress properly and smartly for a date.  And going into the date with an open mind is the best mindset to have, just not a blank mind without a clue how to get to your date venue, or what you’re going to talk about.  Even in the old Westerns, firing from the hip doesn’t always win you the duel.