Max & Sarah

Happy Fabrique Couples: Max and Sarah

Looking back at how far Max and I have come during these past 4 years of our relationship, we can’t help but be thankful for all the elements that came into place for us to meet. There is this saying that fate will use its invisible cupid arrow to bring two people that were meant to be together against all odds. In this case, our cupid came in the form of Champagne JSG (Now known as Fabrique Love).

We were 2 individuals that had totally different social circles, and hence in normal circumstances, Max and I wouldn’t have met. When both of us finally decided to sign up for Fabrique Love, little did we know we have sealed the deal to find our future partners here.

We had the same consultant who took the time to really understand the partners we were looking for, and also spoke to us after each date to gather our feedback. From there, they then further tweaked our requirements and paired Max and I together.

It wasn’t a love and first sight kind of meet-up when we met. But both of us had a good impression of each other and things progressed naturally from there.

So here we are now as husband and wife. Like all other couples, we had our ups and downs. But we weathered through it all to make the decision to spend the rest of our lives together. We are more than thankful for having to meet each other through Fabrique Love, and we hope our story will encourage other singles out there to take the first step with them. Who knows? Cupid’s arrow might just be around the corner.