For Men: How to Turn Your Date into a Successful one?

Man Hugging His Wife On The Beach During a Lovely Sunset

As a Dating Practitioner, men always share with me about their dating experiences and why their dates did not work out for them. What they failed to realise is that they have been dating the wrong way and they are making the common dating mistakes which greatly reduces their chances with a lady! Whether you have been dating for a while or you just got back to the whole dating scene again, here are some useful tips you can apply to up your game and turn your next date into a successful one!

  1. Pay attention and listen to her
    A good listening ear is the way to go as women like to be heard. However, most men usually want to impress the lady thus they tend to lead the conversation throughout the date and lay it all out for the lady like an open book. Instead of doing that, hold back some details about yourself first and give her a chance to share about herself while you listen attentively. When you do so, you create a little sense of mystery and you are more likely to pique her interest and she will want to know more about you.
  2. Ask questions
    Don’t overstress yourself on what to chat about on a date but it is always good to prepare a mental list of topics to talk about to prevent too much awkward silences in between. Instead of asking the usual ‘what is your hobby’ kind of questions, try to angle your questions differently. Some examples could be, ‘what is something you hope to challenge yourself and accomplish this year?’ or ‘what is one country you really love to travel to but have not been?’ Such questions are usually safe to ask and it allows you to find out about their interest and hobbies at the same time.
  3. Give compliments
    Sincere appreciation goes a long way. As humans, we thrive on compliments as it makes us feel good. However, make sure you don’t overdo it or it may seemed like sweet-nothings. A simple compliment such as ‘You look great in this outfit!’ can probably make her day.
  4. Be sincere
    A date need not be expensive dinners or flowers every time. Women simply want to be loved and showered with attention. For subsequent dates with your lady, try to whip up a homecooked meal for her. Nothing beats homecooked food handmade with love!

If you need more advice, do reach to us! Lastly, enjoy this dating journey as it is the sweetest phase in every budding romance!